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Safaa Al-Saadi


Adresse: Kurlandstien 46, 1052 Oslo | +47 91715564|

Personal info

Born: Baghdad, 29th of November 1973 / 29.11.1973

Nationality: Iraqi, Norwegian

Youtube name: Safaa Al-Saadi



Arabic (native language)



Work experience


Safaa works as free lance musician, composer, arranger and music teacher. He is member of NOPA, Norsk forening for komponister og tekstforfattere, Tono and Gramo. 

Safaa has worked as a music workshop teacher in many countries and he has given lectures in many different schools and universities in Norway. 



Safaa has given concerts in Norway and Europe both as a soloist and in bands. He has given concerts in many different countries besides his homeland Iraq and Norway. 


Composed and arranged the concert “Broer av musikk”, a commissioned by Global Oslo Music - - which was performed in December 2014 at Cafeteatret in Oslo.
The work was based on the study of instruments commonly used in Arab music in combination with Western European instruments. His use of Nay (reed flute), Darbuka, Rak, Kishbah (drums/percussion) and violins (during the 19th century, the European violin began to replace the Arabic spike fiddle in most Arab countries), concert harp and keyboard resulted in a powerful and innovative work. 

Composed, arranged and performed with his group at the concert “Musikkens renhet”, which was performed at Cosmopolite in Oslo, May 2015. 

In addition, Safaa has toured regurlary to schools in Lillestrøm municipality in Norway through Den Kulturelle Skolesekken from 2009-2021.


Safaa has played with Diego Lavin Belda in various shows in and outside of Oslo. 


Nowadays Safaa plays with Ellayali orchestra, Friensemblet, with Miriam Segal, Malika Makouf Rasmussen with Al-Farah forening for orientalsk dans i Norge,  Tøyen Orkester, magedanserinne, Helene Skaugen, 1001natt Grenland and others.







Oriental keyboard


2010 - present

2010 - present


2023-2024 Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo

2006-2007 Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo

1996-1998 University of Baghdad

1991-1996 Music institute, Baghdad

1986-1990 High school, Baghdad

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